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MOD Infomation

  • Premium Feature Unlock.
  • Analytics / Crashlytics Removed / Disabled.
  • Receivers and Services Removed / Disabled.
  • Google Play Store Install Package Check Disable.
  • Play Services, Transport, Firebase Properties Removed.
  • All Unnecessary Garbage Folder & File Removed.
Download apk Thenx Mod
Download apk Thenx Mod
Download apk Thenx Mod
Download apk Thenx Mod

Thenx MOD APK (Unlock Premium, Remove Ads) is one of the most popular fitness training apps available today. This application mainly focuses on muscle development exercises, helping the practitioner maintain a more balanced and stronger body during training. You should first refer to this article to better understand the application.

About Thenx Mod

Thenx’s way of working is quite similar to other home fitness apps. Accordingly, this application provides users with a series of different exercises suitable for each subject. Each user’s training needs will also be different, and this app understands that. It will help you comfortably practice according to your physical needs.

Basically, this is an outstanding product from Thenx publisher that promises to bring you the expected results after a period of practice. With over 1 million installs and 4.7 ratings on Google Play. I believe this application will not disappoint you with what it brings.

Thenx MOD

Thenx – Effective home exercise application

First, I want you to understand that all the exercises in Thenx are formulated and moderated by top fitness experts. Therefore, the number of exercises available in the application is varied, along with its effectiveness and accessibility for any user.

Much of the content is developed in the form of short videos with the aim of delivering techniques and exercises at the individual user’s pace. Thanks to that, you can watch it over and over again to understand the most accurate practice. In addition, visual guidance by voice and clock sound will also contribute to discipline in your practice.

Personalize the training program

As mentioned, Thenx understands that each user will have their own physical goal. This means that the training program also needs to change to make it easier for users to access. With a variety of workouts tailored to all ages and fitness levels, it’s easy to find an exercise program that best suits your needs.

Initially, the exercises will not require the practitioner to undergo intense training minutes. Instead, the difficulty level will gradually increase over a specific time. This is also quite understandable because at first it will be difficult for new users to access high-intensity exercises. Overall, the continuous skill development will help you to complete the exercises available in this application with ease.

Fitness tracker

I believe any type of user wants to track their fitness journey. This will probably help you feel more motivated during your practice, or simply see where you went wrong to try to improve next time.

Thenx’s progress tracker will help you track your entire training journey through reports of weight, calories burned in each phase, etc. In addition, this app also supports syncing exercise data with smart bracelet. Thanks to that, you can connect and track your training at any time.


Use even offline

Thenx believes that users are not always able to connect to the Internet during their fitness training. Therefore, this application allows you to use the available exercises to practice even offline. Thanks to that, you can easily exercise even on the go or in locations without an internet connection. Of course, you need internet access at some point to download the exercises and use them offline. Besides, the content of exercises in this application will also be added continuously to give users the best experience.

Intuitive interface

For any mobile fitness app, the interface is also an important factor to help users feel excited from the first use. Thenx has a very intuitive interface design and a clear display layout that will definitely make it easy for users to access and use.

All you need to do is simply choose a workout program that best suits you, then click on the available banners to start working out right away. Besides, the transition effects in the application also work smoothly and respond quickly on low-profile devices.

What does Thenx MOD APK version have?

Features MOD

Premium Unlock

Remove Ads

Thenx MOD APK provides training programs suitable for all types of users. If you are in need of a workout at home, give this app a try. All the content contained in the application is built by top experts that will surely bring you results during your practice. In addition, the MOD version on our website will provide you with advanced features of the application completely free of charge, do not miss this opportunity.

Download Thenx Mod
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