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Run on Android 4.3 and above

Browse News, Games, Music

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Play videos

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Search for videos

View subscribed channel content

Change various settings for the video player

Animated previews for videos

Android TV channels and search support

Introducing SmartTube Next

Free movie watching application, stable speed and no need to pay.

Why should you use SmartTube Next?

The first question any user has in mind when it comes to SmartTube Next is why not use YouTube but use SmartTube Next? Each person will have their own choice, but if you are interested in 3 factors: watching movies for free, stable speed and no ads. Then SmartTube Next is one of the applications that should be thought of first.

A big difference in SmartTube Next that I have to mention first before going into detail about each feature. SmartTube Next will bring more viewing options to Android TVs (which fall short of AppleTVs in terms of options). In short, if you want to watch YouTube on your smartTV and want a variety of options, use SmartTube Next instead of using the YouTube mobile app.

SmartTube Next is currently available in English, Russian, Danish, Ukrainian, Spanish and some other languages.

Long term potential

The decision to install an application on the device is sometimes not because it is the best, most perfect application, but because it has the potential for long-term development and expansion, ensuring companionship with users, not a instant noodles.

SmartTube Next is based on open source code, any active contributions from expert users are welcome, so you can count on SmartTube Next’s long-term expansion future.

Friendly interface

If you use it through the YouTube application on your device, it is easy for everyone to realize that it has many shortcomings, especially the interface has many places that are not very convenient and comfortable. SmartTube Next has overcome this drawback. Refine from the inherent platform, but change the details that cause inconvenience to users. The result SmartTube Next brings a very basic, minimalist interface but anyone can access and use it. All of the features and operations here are simplified to the utmost with the fewest steps and quick, in the most convenient location to ensure the best user experience. For me personally, this is an extremely commendable point in SmartTube Next.

Movie viewing feature is well completed

The core feature of SmartTube Next is still watching high quality videos (including HD and 4K). You can go through and use SmartTube Next with an existing YouTube account, no need to create a completely new account.

Although it is not the official YouTube application, when using SmartTube Next, you have all the features you have ever seen and used on YouTube such as: smart search, view playlists, view search history , browse the web, previously viewed movies/clips, display according to trends, favorites… Operation is no different from YouTube, somewhat superior in terms of convenience of the main feature menus.

Change video player parameters (playback)

This feature includes both quality and playback speed selection. When using SmartTube Next, you will automatically be synchronized for both Android devices, Android TV. This customization allows users to be more comfortable when reviewing their videos and take full control of the viewing process to focus on the right place or save more time.

Watch YouTube without ads

I have to mention because I personally feel quite annoyed when YouTube constantly shows ads when watching. The hotter the programs, the more ads. There are “songs” of ads up to 15 minutes long (omg). At this point, I just want to leave immediately and find another similar application but without ads to use.

If you have ever had an unpleasant experience like me, you should download SmartTube Next to your device immediately. SmartTube Next has the ability to watch YouTube without ads, including trending videos or any videos on topics you are interested in. SmartTube Next’s ad blocking ability is so strong that you sometimes forget you’re watching a clip via YouTube.

Download SmartTube Next APK for Android

Although SmartTube Next currently does not have support for voice search, there is no comment section in all videos, and support for video transmission at times and depending on the device is sometimes weaker than the original YouTube. But to talk about a YouTube alternative, no new registration, no ads, no fees, SmartTube Next is still a very good choice.

STubeNext NEXT BETA Run on Android 4.3 and above Browse News, Games, Music Browse Subscriptions,...

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