Sticker Maker Mod Premium

  • App Name : Sticker Maker
  • Origin App :
  • Developer : MegaSoftApp
  • Classify : Add to wishlist, Install, See all reviews, Tools
  • Mod Info : Premium Unlocked

MOD Infomation

  • Pro Features Unlocked
  • AOSP Compatible / No Google
  • CPUs arch: Universal
  • Full Multi Languages
  • All debug Info Removed
  • Original Signature Changed
Download apk Sticker Maker Mod Premium
Download apk Sticker Maker Mod Premium
Download apk Sticker Maker Mod Premium
Download apk Sticker Maker Mod Premium
Download apk Sticker Maker Mod Premium
Download apk Sticker Maker Mod Premium
Download apk Sticker Maker Mod Premium
Download apk Sticker Maker Mod Premium

Sticker Maker MOD APK is an application that helps you create your own cute stickers for WhatsApp online messaging application.

Introducing Sticker Maker

Sticker maker app for WhatsApp, chat now more exciting!

Create your own stickers for WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp is a powerful messaging and calling application with high security and is trusted by many people. But one of its limitations is that the number of stickers available or when associated with the sticker store is quite limited. You can hardly express all of your diverse emotions in chats based on what WhatsApp has to offer. At this point, a self-made sticker application dedicated to WhatsApp will help you do this interesting little thing.

In Sticker Maker, you can create your own stickers in many different ways. The goal is to create stickers with a variety of colors, shapes, emotions and sometimes even fun text effects.

To create a sticker in Sticker Maker, simply select an image available in the application, add decorative details (also available) or add cool text or something, save it and then add it to your message. WhatsApp ‘s institute . From here you can use all these stickers quickly and easily, just like using the stickers available in WhatsApp.

Rearrange the stickers available in WhatsApp

The stickers available in WhatsApp usually display quite chaotically, without thematic division like the sticker set in Facebook Messenger. This is quite inconvenient especially when you need to find stickers quickly to express your feelings instantly in chats. Sticker Maker will help you rearrange the stickers in WhatsApp as you like, including existing WhatsApp stickers and new stickers created from Sticker Maker.

Create a variety of stickers, including animated stickers from GIFs and videos

You can load your favorite animations and videos you want to extract into Sticker Maker, and then use the app’s simple trimming, trimming, and editing tools to create your own animated stickers for use in WhatsApp. These animated stickers will be “a powerful weapon” in conversations, making everything lively and emotional.

With static stickers, it’s even simpler. You just need to select the image in your phone, or use the sticker wallpaper available in Sticker Maker, then use the editing tools in the application to create the desired sticker. The editing steps that may be needed in the sticker design process include:

  • Erase image background with free background eraser and background cutter
  • Add text to stickers with custom fonts and colors
  • Add a variety of interesting decorations available in the Sticker Maker library: beards, glasses, hats…

With these sticker design functions, you can create an infinite number of sticker packs, up to 30 stickers in each such pack. Once created, you can just put it into WhatsApp neatly to use it slowly.

Manipulating detailed sticker creation with Sticker Maker

First you will select the Create button, select an image from your device, gallery or any other file that the application is allowed to access.

Next, use the basic image editing tools in Sticker Maker to create your own sticker image: crop, rotate, flip, zoom in, zoom out, cut to square or other proportions…

You can also Erase background with Eraser tool in Sticker Maker. Just touch and move on this eraser, then press Save.

Next is the decoration, you can choose any detail available in the application to embellish the edited image: glasses, hats, beards, hats and hundreds of other fun details. Or you can also add Text to write whatever you want with funny and playful fonts in Sticker Maker. If you want to change the font, color or font size, you can always.

Finally click Save, and select + to add the newly created sticker to the respective packages. After completing the package, you will press the Add to WhatsApp button to officially export these special sticker packs to WhatsApp and start using in your upcoming chats.

Sticker Maker MOD APK version

Features MOD

Premium Unlock

Download Sticker Maker APK & MOD for Android

Create any sticker you want, from any image inside or outside the application, gently edit, add a little more plus borderless creativity. From now on, with the help of Sticker Maker, you can have a series of unique, fun, and unique sticker collections on WhatsApp for yourself.

Download Sticker Maker Mod Premium
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