Smart AudioBook Player MOD Apk

  • App Name : Smart AudioBook Player
  • Origin App :
  • Developer : Alex Software
  • Classify : Music & Audio
  • Mod Info : Premium Unlocked

MOD Infomation

  • Smart Audiobook Player Pro v9.0‼️
  • A handy program specially designed for playing audiobooks. Audiobooks must be downloaded to the smartphone by themselves.
  • Feature:
  • Control playback speed.
  • Book classification (new, started, read).
  • Download book covers from internet.
  • Automatically turns off in case you oversleep.
  • Application utility. Allows you to control the player from the home screen.
  • The current position is remembered independently for all books.
  • Premium unlocked.
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Smart AudioBook Player MOD APK is an online book reading application, with a simple, basic design, many genres and a large number of books with a variety of handy features. This is a place where you can experience hours of listening to books, quickly and conveniently, anytime, anywhere.  

Introducing Smart AudioBook Player

Online book reading application full of genres and rich titles 

First impression 

When I first entered Smart AudioBook Player’s introduction page on Google Play, I encountered many comments like “I have listened to thousands of hours of audiobooks on this app”, “I find it has many features that are continuously improving. ”, “I am satisfied with it”, “I especially like the sleep timer and vibrate mode”, “I didn’t expect that the free version includes all the books, and also has the ability to organize folders and clear classification”… Something like that, and I decided to download Smart AudioBook Player without hesitation. Obviously it meets my basic reading needs. 

My first impression when opening Smart AudioBook Player to start using: Minimalist design. Some of you think that the interface design in this application looks as old as the 90s. Maybe with other feature apps, a modern model is needed. But with the reading application, the old feeling in my opinion is absolutely a must. It makes users really focus on listening to the book, focusing on finding and skimming the book summaries, instead of being distracted by other aesthetic personality factors.

I am completely satisfied with the classic minimalist design of Smart AudioBook Player. Light colors, quiet background, easy to read text, neat search, easy to use buttons, easy to understand at first glance, no need to explain more. Smart AudioBook Player is strictly designed for reading alone. Overall very ok with the external appearance of the application.

Listen to books anytime, anywhere 

Listening to books through Smart AudioBook Player has two sources: one is to use the rich book titles available in the application, the other is to find an audio book from the internet source and copy them to your mobile, then open this application to load it in and start reading. Either way, one of the first strengths of Smart AudioBook Player is that it is compatible with and reads well all audio book formats, regardless of the source.  

When you start reading, like other audio files, you are free to adjust the basic and advanced functions: 

  • Play/ Pause 
  • Pay back, pay back 
  • Choose reading speed 

Smart AudioBook Player also has a Widget, allowing you to control the player from the home screen. Whenever you are listening to a book, the audio control bar will appear on your phone, you can adjust it directly from here without having to go into the application. From there, it’s easy to combine work, check mail, send messages and more while still listening to an audiobook.  

These functions will help you listen to books anytime, anywhere, convenient and suitable in any environment, including before and after sleeping.  

Book classification 

When you save new audiobooks to the app, you can quickly create a folder of your own. Includes existing book covers in Smart AudioBook Player and newly saved book covers. In the folder can be further subdivided according to many individual criteria such as: author, genre, year, length… When needed, just go to the right folder and then combine the search, sort by filter, it will come out right at the beginning. books to read. 

Read books can also be categorized by status: new, started, finished. You can go to these folders to re-list the titles you’ve listened to, are listening to, or put on the list to listen to.  

Another way to manually organize books is to create folders by List of Characters, this is also a way to help keep track of the story easier. 

Downloading audiobooks is also neater and more accurate because Smart AudioBook Player supports specifying the root folder containing all your audiobooks, so that folders containing music and other audio files can be excluded. 

Can read many books without fear of losing track 

When using Smart AudioBook Player to read books, you don’t have to finish one book to move on to another. The reading progress of each book is saved independently. In other words, you can read book A for a few pages, then exit and choose book B to continue reading. Then when you need to listen again, just go to the list of currently reading books and choose the right book to continue reading.  

Smart AudioBook Player supports bookmark feature, automatically bookmarking the exact page the book is being read to. That means the next time you listen, you can continue right where you left off without any interruption.  

In addition, Smart AudioBook Player also supports Chromecast. And there’s a pause feature in case you overslept. Whenever you want to continue listening, just shake the phone and the book will continue. This is also a feature that many users in general and personally appreciate. It is most convenient when you are listening to a book while falling asleep.

MOD APK version of Smart AudioBook Player

Features MOD

Unlock Pro

Download Smart AudioBook Player APK & MOD for Android

In short, I give it 8/10 with Smart AudioBook Player. No fuss, no unnecessary features, listening to audiobooks on Smart AudioBook Player is very focused and extremely effective. Those interested can download this audiobook application here. 

Download Smart AudioBook Player MOD Apk
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