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  • Debug code removed.
Download apk Seven Mod
Download apk Seven Mod
Download apk Seven Mod
Download apk Seven Mod
Download apk Seven Mod
Download apk Seven Mod
Download apk Seven Mod
Download apk Seven Mod
Download apk Seven Mod
Download apk Seven Mod
Download apk Seven Mod
Download apk Seven Mod

If you are too busy to spend time exercising, Seven – 7 Minute Workout will help you solve this problem. Right from the name of the application, we can immediately imagine what it brings. Seven – 7 Minute Workout is a great choice for physical training. The app offers 7-minute workouts that require no equipment and are easy to do in a short amount of time.

The free version allows users to view daily workouts with 12 workouts with instructions. The app includes a timer for each post and illustrated instructions on how to do them. Every two months, it unlocks a new exercise for free users. However, most exercises are available through a subscription plan. Once you sign up, you get access to 200 workouts along with the app’s training functionality.

Although there are more exercises than other apps, the free version of Seven – 7 Minute Workout is still quite limited. Ideally, it is still recommended to upgrade the application to the MOD APK version if you want to have an ideal body. Seven – 7 Minute Workout will provide you with a series of simple exercises. Especially, it only takes seven minutes a day. If you exercise every day, you will have a good health with a solid body.

General information

Seven – 7 Minute Workout is an application that provides users with many exercises suitable for your fitness and health. With just seven minutes of practice, a day and you can practice anywhere. It will give you specific instructions on how to exercise and rest. Plus, get voice alerts when the time is up and you won’t have to pay the cost of going to a fitness center or fitness club.

They made this app for people who have little time to practice. If you can’t have 30 minutes to work out, you will only need 7 minutes to get stronger and have a beautiful body. So why don’t you try? Seven – 7 Minute Workout consists of 12 exercises done in 30 seconds, with 10 seconds rest between each exercise. All you need is a chair and a wall and repeat two to three moves as directed.

Seven – 7 Minute Workout will help you solve that problem. Instead of spending money on personal trainers to have exercises tailored to their needs, many people have turned to different workouts online. However, there are very few systematic exercises, detailed instructions for each movement, explanations and suitable for each person. Seven – 7 Minute Workout can guide you through different exercises and video illustrations in an intuitive way.

Seven – 7 Minute Workout is a free workout application that provides users with different exercises depending on the user’s purposes and requirements. People will ask for random exercises, abs, arm exercises, or warm-up or weight loss exercises. For each exercise, there will be separate video tutorials for each move for easy explanation. You can practice at home, at the gym or anywhere because of the simple but effective instructions in the application.

How to use Seven Mod – 7 Minute Workout?

With the quick exercises of Seven – 7 Minute Workout, it only takes you about seven minutes a day to practice. Besides, you can also participate in the community provided by the app. It allows you to make new friends or find a partner who has the same interest in exercising every day as you. The application will provide more than 200 different exercises. It keeps your daily workout fresh without having to repeat the same exercises. Just seven minutes a day and a few short months, you will get unexpected results like successful weight loss.

Seven mod – 7 Minute Workout based on HIIT has been proven safe and effective to improve your physical and mental well being without going to the gym. Download to experience Seven mod – 7 Minute Workout and start useful exercises right now. The app requires a daily seven-minute workout, consisting of 12 exercises for 30 seconds and 10 seconds of rest between exercises. All you need to do is a chair and wall and repeat two to three times. It will be the right choice suitable for practice at home or office.

Seven mod – 7 Minute Workout offers 12 high-intensity workouts, 30 seconds each and 10 seconds rest between each exercise. They are simple exercises that anyone can do. Exercises include abdominal exercises, wall leaning, squatting, jumping in place, push-ups, full-body push-ups, chair exercises, leg and butt exercises.

Seven mod – 7 Minute Workout integrates a timer for each exercise that announces the end time of the exercise. If you are not yet proficient, the application will have instructions and detailed description of each exercise via video. Please share the images of the application on Facebook to let your friends know. Through Facebook, people with similar needs as you can join the workout.

Recent versions have updated additional features for users. It includes Google Fit data sync functionality, detailed exercise logging on the calendar page, pause, skip, and text-to-speech (TTS) improvements. You can choose a TTS engine or load more TTS data for the device, adding the ability to watch training videos on YouTube. Can view exercise statistics schedule more easily.

Overall rating

Seven mod – 7 Minute Workout is a free app that turns your smartphone into a personal trainer to teach you simple and effective exercises that anyone can do at home. Each exercise provided by the app will only last seven minutes, or about 10 minutes with both a warm-up and a stretch. It guides the exercises in a very intuitive and vivid way, with a video describing the first move. The application also divides exercises with levels from easy to difficult suitable for each person and prescribes a specific time to perform exercises to bring the highest efficiency.

These exercises are selected and guided by experienced coaches, so users can practice with complete confidence. With the help of the app, it only takes a few minutes a day for users to track the exercises provided by the app right at home. It will help you get a supple, balanced body and enhance health.

Recommended similar apps: Six Pack in 30 Days

Surely every woman wants to have a beautiful body and perfect 6-pack abs. Six Pack in 30 Days – Abs Workout will help you do it through 30 days of hard work with a scientific training schedule. The app divides the exercises into three different levels, video and photo tutorials. You will get desirable abs.

It divides the training mode into three different levels with exercises of increasing difficulty and intensity with each level. The app is suitable for everyone from beginners to short workouts who can still use the right app. The exercise combines smoothly and scientifically between fat loss exercises and exercises to make the training process more effective.


Busy life. Sometimes, you find yourself not having enough time to participate in sports. But science has proven that to lose weight and improve cardiovascular function and overall health, you need and try to exercise at least seven minutes a day. And Seven mod – 7 Minute Workout MOD APK is a perfect choice. There are step-by-step video tutorials with many other exercises tailored to your body type and body type.

We design exercises that are suitable for everyone. You can do them anywhere you want in just seven minutes. The New York Times Magazine praised the app as it offers minimal investment but delivers maximum results. Not only that, to motivate app users after you complete your goal, the app generates many rewards. It makes your workout more interesting and not boring. With just seven minutes of quick, gentle yet effective workout, are you ready to download Seven mod – 7 Minute Workout? Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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