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  • App Name : ProShot
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  • Developer : Rise Up Games
  • Classify : 4, 99 US$ Mua, Thêm vào danh sách yêu thích, Xem tất cả bài đánh giá
  • Mod Info : Premium Unlocked
Download apk ProShot Mod
Download apk ProShot Mod
Download apk ProShot Mod
Download apk ProShot Mod
Download apk ProShot Mod

ProShot APK is an application to improve the efficiency of photography on Android devices. Downloading and using ProShot, you’ll get a host of advanced customization features that turn your phone’s regular camera into a professional-grade camera.

Introducing ProShot Mod

Turn your phone camera into a real DSLR camera!

How to upgrade mediocre camera on mobile phone?

In short, the phone camera is sometimes too… bad for beautiful frames. Is there a way to change the custom parameters for the camera so that the images themselves are better without having to go through the photo editor? The answer is ProShot.

ProShot gives users advanced customizations for the camera on Android devices such as: adjusting shutter speed, ISO adjustment, white balance, gray balance … and is one of the rare apps that allows deep intervention. into the camera capabilities of the hardware. ProShot has been receiving a lot of trust from the Android community. And it increasingly shows its influence when constantly being named in the list of favorite apps as voted by major technology sites such as Engadget and Gizmodo.

The ProShot interface is extremely easy to understand and use, the background is black, the text and icons are white, the functions in use are highlighted in blue. Each icon has a clearly labeled name and when you drag it in, a few lines of comment will appear. With this design, obviously anyone can use it, as long as they understand basic English.

Using ProShot what will you be able to do?

You imagine now, the phone is no longer attached to a mediocre camera that produces mid-range images, but has transformed into a genuine DSLR camera. And whatever adjustments can be made on this camera, ProShot has them all.

You can choose between Manual or Auto control modes. In which: Auto has been pre-installed with full configurations, just hold up, aim focus and shoot. But of course, the quality of the image when it comes out will be completely different from before, when taking pictures without ProShot.

In Manual control mode, you can customize all the parameters related to the semi-professional shooting process such as exposure, flash, focus, ISO adjustment, shutter speed, flash and mode. white balance. Especially ProShot supports Light Painting feature with infinite shutter, you can adjust any size you want.

And what’s more, like a true camera, you can choose to capture images as RAW or JPEG files depending on the purpose of use. In addition, you can freely choose the right aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3 and 1:1) or customize the aspect ratio, shoot at any ratio you want (21:9, 17). :10, 50:3).

A small note is that before using ProShot, you should download the ProShot Evaluator app to your device to evaluate the details of the camera parameters available on the device. And at the same time, there are compatibility feature suggestions so that when using ProShot, it will be faster and more reasonable.

The ability to deeply and strongly interfere with mobile cameras

Speaking of exposure levels, ProShot’s camera support is very strong in this area. It is capable of triggering exposures without delay, up to +/-3 in stop increments.

And if you just need to adjust one of the above dedicated indicators, you can choose one indicator mode, the rest will automatically adjust the application’s AI accordingly. For example, when prioritizing shutter speed, ISO and exposure will automatically follow, no need to re-adjust.

Manual focus via ProShot is also made quite easy. There are all the necessary focus points on professional cameras: 3 points, 6 points or 12 points, giving you the freedom to adjust the tension for subjects in the image. In combination with the focusing stitch, ProShot also provides near and far zooming of the images in the scope. To do this, you just need to manipulate with one finger by tapping once or twice continuously.

And you are wondering if these indicators apply to the front camera? Then the answer is yes, but only limited to the ability to control exposure, helping to reduce glare and glare often seen when taking selfies.

That’s taking pictures, what about video?

In addition to the above specialized camera emulation features, ProShot also brings a heaven of happiness for those who love to shoot movies on their phones, with remarkable advanced features for videos such as:

  • Video recording feature.
  • Supports 4K (3840×2160) video recording (with supported device).
  • Adjust resolution, frame rate and bit rate.
  • Zoom and change any camera parameters even while recording video.
  • Real-time audio input.
  • Timelapse video with manual control.
  • Flashes when recording video.

Download ProShot Mod APK for Android

The app is light, easy to understand, easy to use, intervenes in every corner of the camera available on mobile (from Android 6 and up), turns the smartphone into a top-notch professional camera, both for filming and taking photos. picture, and the front camera. If you don’t use this fruit, it’s a pity.

Download ProShot right here to see the difference.

Download ProShot Mod
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