Photo Editor Pro – Polish

  • App Name : Photo Editor Pro - Polish
  • Origin App :
  • Developer : InShot Inc.
  • Classify : Photography
  • Mod Info : Premium Unlocked

MOD Infomation

  • Pro Features Unlocked
  • AOSP Compatible / No Google
  • CPUs arch: Universal
  • Full Multi Languages
  • All debug Info Removed
  • Original Signature Changed.
Download apk Photo Editor Pro – Polish
Download apk Photo Editor Pro – Polish
Download apk Photo Editor Pro – Polish
Download apk Photo Editor Pro – Polish
Download apk Photo Editor Pro – Polish
Download apk Photo Editor Pro – Polish

Photo Editor Pro MOD APK is an image editing application on Android, featuring the ability to sharpen images and using a combination of manual and automatic smart. If you are in need of quick editing, download the app and use it immediately.

Introducing Photo Editor Pro

There are a lot of photo editing apps, but to find a good, reputable, regularly updated app that is exactly as committed from the beginning of the manufacturer and is highly rated by many real users, especially, to use it for free is only can be counted on fingers. Photo Editor Pro is one of those rare ones.


Specialized sharpening tools (Sharpen) for correcting blurred images

This is a very common situation with mobile photos, especially when capturing movement, or low light environments, or simply due to hand tremors when panning the phone too quickly. Therefore, the use of a neat, easy-to-use and understandable post-production image processing software is an urgent need.


To manipulate blurred photos on Photo Editor Pro, you only need 2 extremely short steps:


  1. Open the app, select an image, and go to Adjust.
  2. Select the Sharpen feature, adjust the ruler bar to select the corresponding sharpness. Then press the tick to ok. It’s done.

The effect of sharpening images in Photo Editor Pro is highly appreciated because it does not affect image quality. The original colors are almost preserved, there is no discoloration or breakage like other photo editing applications. Women who regularly use it can clearly see that, although the image is sharpened, unwanted parts such as crow’s feet, wrinkles on the skin of the main character’s neck, chin, forehead, and nose are still not affected. It pops up too much like other apps. In general, after the Sharpen screen, we still keep our age, and the surrounding scenery is both bolder but still has the inherent natural features.

Dedicated image enhancement feature

In addition to the outstanding Sharpen feature above, Photo Editor Pro also has a series of other unexpected capabilities, from simple to advanced, which can be mentioned as:


  • Impressive color filter modes: If you want to change the image water, and the feeling when looking at the image, you should explore the more than 60 filters available in Photo Editor Pro. These filters are all available, completely free, and are made from color combos of famous photographers, such as Lomo, PINK, Vignette, Natural, Warm, Dew, Dark, Cocoa…
  • Or can be used with the powerful Effects set on Photo Editor Pro, with attractive effects such as Halo, Love, Heart, Diamond, Rainbow …
  • You can also edit the level of each filter and each effect using the adjustment bar as you did with Sharpen above.

Simple and fully automatic photo editing effects

Including cut, paste, resize, increase brightness, adjust saturation, rotate horizontal and vertical, shadow … Other photo editing software of course also has these basic parts. But with Photo Editor Pro, everything will be done within a split second, and completely by AI or if you want you can manually adjust the measuring bar below to change the level of the indicators. The operation, again, is just tap, select and drag on the gauge. Simple as that.


Tools to beautify characters naturally

This is a function that not many photo editing software can do and do well. Photo Editor Pro gives you a series of extremely detailed functions to edit the face of the character in the picture, such as portrait mode that blurs the surrounding background to highlight the face, whiten skin, white teeth, remove wrinkles, remove melasma (Body, Tatoo, Hip, Muscle, Face, Teeth, Breast…). Even crop objects to assemble into a more attractive background with the high-quality Automatic Cut out AI feature.


This feature set is pretty tough. If you’ve tried other orthopedic apps, you’ll probably always find that the body curves are adjusted, you will always feel a sense of disproportion or the surrounding details are also bent. fake”. But in Photo Editor Pro, once you’ve selected a detail to emphasize, the AI ​​will automatically “circle” it, leaving the surrounding scenery unaffected and you are free to juggling around, zooming in and out. me.


Rare jigsaw and lighting effects

In Photo Editor Pro you can also blend multiple images with different lighting effects to create a unique work, with Photo Blender & Light FX feature. In particular, Photo Blender helps to blend two images together to create a hidden blur like in portrait works, and Light FX is special lighting effects that make images have unusual soft colors, like Bokeh, Lens, Splash…


There are many frames, text and stickers for you to freely attach to the image

Using Photo Editor Pro, you will have more than 100 frames, countless stickers and fonts in different styles such as Halloween, Aesthetic, Cartoon, Emoji, Doodles … to transform with your pictures. Make sure with just a few touches, you’ve got an extremely cute and quick picture you’ve never seen before.


InShot is an application that helps you take photos like a professional camera.


Photo Editor Pro MOD APK version

Features MOD

Unlock Pro


Download Photo Editor Pro MOD APK for Android

After the quick photo editing phase like the wind, you can also share immediately on the social networks you are using such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook … with a simple sharing operation located right on the home page of the application.


Edit photos neatly, simply but effectively. Why not use everyone. Download Photo Editor Pro now via the link below.

Download Photo Editor Pro – Polish
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