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MOD Infomation

  • Premium Features Unlocked
  • AOSP Compatible / No Google
  • CPUs: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a
  • Full Multi Languages
  • All debug Info Removed
  • Original Signature Changed.
Download apk Pacer Pedometer Mod
Download apk Pacer Pedometer Mod
Download apk Pacer Pedometer Mod
Download apk Pacer Pedometer Mod
Download apk Pacer Pedometer Mod
Download apk Pacer Pedometer Mod
Download apk Pacer Pedometer Mod

Pacer Pedometer MOD APK is a walking and running step counter application on the phone. This is a practical support tool for those of you who are planning to lose weight.

Introducing Pacer Pedometer Mod

The app, in addition to counting steps when walking and jogging, also suggests a suitable weight loss plan.

Walking and jogging are the most effective, self-directed and independent exercise

In fact, of all sports, the most self-control and self-moving are still two things: walking and jogging. You can do these two things anytime, anywhere, combined with your daily routine, making the most of your free time without affecting your work.

With it there is also another great benefit that is not dependent on the Trainer, not dependent on the atmosphere or the practitioner. You can do it yourself, alone, comfortably, neatly and efficiently.

The whole body benefits of walking and running are well known: all 5 senses are fully awakened, body parts are activated synchronously and evenly distributed through the movement of each step. That is why people always advise if you are looking to lose weight, or are looking to have a slim body, or are looking for a sport that has a “rejuvenating” effect very quickly, the answer is always : walking combined with jogging.

But the biggest difficulty of this exercise is perseverance and an accurate measurement. Persistence is needed for you to make it a good habit and stay healthy for a long time, not just a meal or two. Accurate measurement so you can keep track of the distance you’ve gone through, calories burned during exercise and make appropriate adjustments and enhancements for the following workouts.

Persistence depends a lot on the will of each person and the time allowed, it is a bit subjective and almost impossible to control. But as for measuring tools, rest assured, I have quite a few applications that can do this, on many different devices. And Pacer is one of the best, right on the mobile you use every day.

What is Pacer Pedometer?

The Pacer name is always accompanied by a brief description “Walking & Running Pedometer for Health & Weight”. The main feature of Pacer is tracking steps / running, and calories consumed, the application works on mobile platforms, free of charge 24/7 to ensure tracking your entire workout progress every day. .

Using Pacer is very simple and neat, anyone can do it. Download the Pacer Pedometer app from Google Play or APKMODY. Open the mobile app and take it with you as you go about any of your day’s activities. That’s all. But what you gain when using Pacer is very meaningful.

Main features of Pacer Pedometer

On the home screen of Pacer, there will be the following basic buttons:

Trends: track your activity history (including all the steps of the day, the corresponding calories consumed …).

Explore: create groups and workout challenges. You can join this section to add more motivation to yourself during practice.

Me: Track your weight, waist circumference and other habits as well as keep a close eye on your body’s IBM index. This feature can sync with MyFitnessPal & Fitbit.

Plan: Helps to plan exercise every day according to each specific health goal.

If you need more detailed and in-depth customizations, you can choose the “Pedometer Preferences” mode to adjust small modes in the pedometer feature.

The good points of this app, to me

The first good point is about the sensitivity of the step counter in Pacer which is very large. The device can track each step and accurately count the number of steps no matter where the phone is: in your hand, in your pocket, or on your belt… As long as you carry it, it’s fine.

The next good thing is that Pacer has a built-in GPS system to help track outdoor fitness activities through the map. If you like a section of the road you just ran and want to go again in the next exercise, this map with the number of steps and calories consumed at each milestone will be a very good guide. Wherever Pacer goes, everything is recorded and displayed on the map for users, so you can rest assured.

Next, as I mentioned at the beginning, Pacer has a Plan feature. This is a tool to help you get a satisfactory and suitable daily exercise plan. Based on surveys, comments, advice and directly designed by professional coaches, the details in the plan are always realistic, effective and reliable.

And finally, in each step, training level, Pacer comes with audio and video instructions. It only takes a few minutes to review and choose the most suitable exercise for your fitness and health requirements. For example, if you are thin and want to gain weight, you will focus on watching gentle running exercises, your legs do not need to be lifted high, mainly to keep people supple, strong and stimulate the appetite.

Pacer Pedometer MOD APK version

Features MOD

Premium Unlock

Download Pacer Pedometer MOD APK for Android

The application runs smooth, fast operation, super easy to use and convenient. Brothers and sisters who are implementing a “project” to lose weight at home, you should immediately download the Pacer Pedometer to your device.

Download Pacer Pedometer Mod
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