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  • App Name : Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax
  • Origin App :
  • Developer :, Inc.
  • Classify : Health & Fitness
  • Mod Info : Premium Unlocked

MOD Infomation

Premium Subscription (Videos from movement tab won’t work).
No active trackers
Google Analytics/ Firebase Analytics/Crash Analytics Disabled.

Download apk Calm Mod
Download apk Calm Mod
Download apk Calm Mod
Download apk Calm Mod
Download apk Calm Mod

Calm MOD APK is developed by (USA), is an application designed specifically for meditation and soothing sleep, nurturing inner comfort. The app is now recommended by many leading psychologists, therapists and mental health professionals. Let’s find out the interesting features of Calm.

Introducing Calm Mod

Application to meditate, listen to the voice of the body and heal the wound of the soul

The value of Zen, a free mind and a good night’s sleep

Good sleep, refreshing spirit, optimism, full of vitality and truly peaceful. Don’t know how you feel when you hear these phrases? Some people will feel perfectly normal, obviously. But not everyone is as lucky as you. Sometimes, a real peace of mind is the dream that many people give up everything to find.

And even yourself, when you think you’ve got those things, your mind can sometimes still waver because of life’s events. That’s when we come to Zen. Meditate for better, deeper, and dream-free sleep. Meditation is not yoga, not silence or deep thought, but Zen is a height of awareness, a way of life in which your soul is truly free of worries and free from any evil. Any thoughts that invade, to keep the heart always calm, always calm and carefree like the surface of a lake.

Calm, the app that helps you meditate every day

You can take a meditation course, or you can spend a lot of time learning about how to transform your mind every day. And you can achieve the same results with a meditation app like Calm.

Even if you are just starting to learn about the concept, or have been through the meditation courses in real life, you can still find sympathy from this interesting application. Meditation sessions in the system are available with optional durations of 3, 5, 10, 15 or 25 minutes to suit each person’s time budget.

The program is divided into several levels so that users can continue their Zen experience, or start learning from a non-meditative state. The main topics in the app include: Relieve anxiety / Overcome stress / A deep sleep / Stay focused / Discover the energy of relationships / Feeling happy / Self-esteem / Knowledge Be grateful/ Master yourself/ Love/ Learn to forgive/ Stay calm/ Walking is also Meditation.

Coming to the Calm application, you will have a daily calm program that starts at a fixed time of the day to remind your body of the comfort and relaxation to start the day or fall asleep.

Users can also choose stories to read to lull themselves to sleep more easily. Or listen and share Calm classes taught by world-renowned experts. Or simply a breathing exercise in the middle of a lunch break.

You can also participate in meditation programs at the appropriate time slots according to the topics mentioned above. Every day, listen to a chapter, listen and really immerse yourself in the voice and sound in it, you will realize that today’s self seems to be a little different from yesterday’s self.

If you want to track your progress during Meditation

Then Calm has a built-in system for tracking, scheduling and statistics “listening to yourself” results for each user. You can see your total meditation hours for the week/month, inventory the meditations you’ve listened to, and see suggestions for next Meditation steps from the app.

In addition, you can also use it online to connect with other users, learn from their experiences or exchange good lessons on Calm. This is also a good and fast way to speed up the spiritual nurturing process.

Music and Sublimation Meditation in Calm

Music, melody or sound in general is an integral part of the spiritual world. Calm cleverly integrates into each Meditation program a relaxing background music, murmuring like the sound of a stream caressing the soul and soothing the pain of each person. Plus, you can choose from over 30 sounds, hundreds of melodies and soothing natural landscapes to listen to and watch during your meditation sessions with Calm’s program.

And finally, the reason I choose Calm out of hundreds of apps on the same platform

Calm is completely free, just download and use, without any ads. Some content or options require a fee, but in my opinion, the basic free part is enough.

Calm is also different from other online meditation and sleep applications that I have known and tried. Instead of being rigid with a schedule or full of dogmatic lessons, Calm aims to give you the instructions you need to help you listen to your own soul, focusing on your body instead of the distractions around you. around, and thereby heal psychological trauma or simply to have a good deep sleep. Calm makes me feel really calm, not the feeling of going into a course.

The MOD APK version of Calm

  • Premium Unlocked: All content unlocked.
  • Note when using
  • The application may be closed when opened for the first time.

Download Calm MOD APK for Android

Let’s listen to the voice of the soul with Calm! Please download Calm MOD APK via the link below to use Premium features for free.

Download Calm Mod
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