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MOD Infomation

Unlimited WARP+ Bandwidth.

Download apk Mod : Faster & Safer Internet
Download apk Mod : Faster & Safer Internet
Download apk Mod : Faster & Safer Internet
Download apk Mod : Faster & Safer Internet

Access speed is a sore point for any VPN service user. MOD APK (Free WARP+) application was born to solve the outstanding problem that makes people headache.

Introduction MOD

It is not too difficult to find an application that provides VPN services like ExpressVPN , Psiphon Pro or Panda VPN Pro . However, sometimes you feel unsatisfied because the access speed is not high enough or there are not many attractive features. Try It is provided by the company Cloudflare, which is famous for its DNS service and content distribution on the internet. Let’s find out what their first application is so outstanding that attracts more than 5 million users?


Exceptional speed with WARP

Exceptional speed is’s advantage over any other VPN app. Cloudflare integrates WARP, a VPN service that applies WARP technology with great optimization. Instead of going through the process of hiding your original IP to create a separate network tunnel, WARP just encrypts the end-to-end traffic between your device and Cloudflare, while creating a layer of protection to prevent any threats. danger from the outside. As a result, the speed is improved.

The protocols used are also important. It is related to the speed and performance of transmitting information between the browser/application and receiving responses from that server. WARP is built around the UDP protocol that Cloudflare has re-optimized for mobile. Information packets are sent and received without having to go through complicated checks.

Although there is no bandwidth limit when using WARP to access the Internet, the default traffic that Cloudflare gives you is limited. When it runs out, you can no longer use it. In this case, you can share the app with friends to get an extra 1GB, or upgrade to the premium version with no traffic for $4.99 a month.

Is it okay to not use WARP?

Of course okay. application also has a completely free connector. However, the process of accessing the internet will be much slower because the protocol is not really optimized. The transmission is also fully encrypted, so it will take more time, instead of just encrypting from your device to Cloudflare’s server like WARP.

Comprehensive security

As you know, Cloudflare has a world leading large DNS network with reliable security. Take advantage of this available resource to protect yourself against external threats.

It is very clear that, when you go anywhere, there are also free Wifi spots and with a warning line that is not secure. These wifi routers are not really safe and no one will be responsible when one fine day your device is visited by hackers, taking away sensitive information (email accounts, bank accounts). goods) or install tracking software. Get rid of that by enabling the VPN connection. Restricted queries and suspicious requests for information are prevented by DNS encryption and WARP armor. Cloudflare will take such attacks for you and handle them in their own way.

Protect privacy

If you don’t want someone to visit your internet browsing history, let help. Any traces, data or search history you desire will be completely erased from the device, including in Cookies and Sessions that are passed back and forth between the device and the server receiving the query. This also makes it impossible for the websites or apps you normally use to serve ads related to this trail (because there are no more Cookies).

But if you don’t want to delete them all after turning off the VPN, you can also schedule them after a certain period of time. For example 3 hours, or a week later.

Browse apps and games

VPN is not only used for web browsers, but you can use it to play games that are limited to a few countries, or want a smoother gaming speed.

This need is very much interested and evidenced by the 5-star reviews on Google Play. I have also personally tested the performance offered by Cloudflare has a large network of servers all over the world. When you connect to the internet, instead of transmitting and receiving data from a normal Wifi network from Singapore, around Hong Kong and then to the US, the application will automatically search for the nearest Cloudflare server to connect and reduce transmission time. load. Now say goodbye to stutters and lags that make your experience bad.

MOD APK version of

Features MOD

Free WARP+: You will have unlimited data capacity.

Download APK & MOD for Android

If you want a super fast VPN service, remember to go to first. If you want more security and privacy, then this application also completely meets your requirements. The application provides the best services for you and is completely free.

Download Mod : Faster & Safer Internet
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